The Haitian Migrant Crisis

by Faith Bugenhagen
October 7th, 2021

Del Rio, Texas is the epicenter of an international conversation about the culture of immigration. This border city is housing thousands of Haitian-migrants. These migrants are coming from multiple different Latin American countries. These countries have served as their makeshift homes, where they prepped to reach their final destination: The United States.

The migrants’ motivation to arrive in America is the grant of asylum. Asylum is a governmental-given status declared to individuals who have left their countries of origin as a result of corruption or political strife. The Haitians were incorrectly told that they would be granted this status by the American government. This action could not be further from the truth.

The American government under President Biden’s administration has implemented the deportations of these migrants. Citing a law similar to that of the one former president Donald Trump utilized, they are deporting those who have been exposed to COVID-19. Currently, six flights are planned each day, flying the populations who are deported back to the capital of Haiti, Port-au-Prince. The United States government is also working closely with the governments of the Latin American countries where migrants previously lived. They are in conversation to discuss the chances of these countries taking back the migrants.

The actions of the Biden Administration were commented on by the president himself, in light of reports circulating of the cruel treatment towards the Haitians in Del Rio. President Biden explained the treatment as “beyond embarrassment,” going to the extent of referring to it as “dangerous.”

It is unclear whether the Biden Administration has worked towards implementing a new asylum-based plan for these migrants. The actions taken thus far of the administration include the suspendment of horseback border patrol agents in Del Rio. Other than that, the Biden Administration has not worked to curb the maltreatment of the migrants, despite their shared public commentary.

The situation occurring in Del Rio serves as a reminder of the severe lack of attention to the migrants everywhere. The legislation linked to immigration often takes years to solidify. Years that these migrants don’t have. They look for loopholes, like crossing the shallow waters of the Rio Grande, to seek the life they want for themselves. Lives that their government and the governments they are attempting to reach, will not provide for them.


Haitian migrant crisis: Biden immigration approach tested by surge